A PDF bus stop introduction in plain language.
How do we engineer and model a 21st century type sustainable civilization progression?

A PDF on the policy required to fuel an Innovative System in plain language.
Open-data Policy for the Coexistence and Expansion of the Knowledge Economy using an Innovative System

Partner Relations

Axces Solutions is the value theory provider of the Innovative System and the world leader in the axiological science of value and valuation.

Dr. David Mefford is the value theory curriculum provider for the Innovative System. Dr. Mefford was co-founder of the Dr. Robert S. Hartman Institute of Formal and Applied Axiology at the University of Tennessee and has become the world leader in the Axiological Psychology.

Axiological Partners University of the State of Mexico at Toluca.

Become Axiological Consultants.
What We Offer

We are a Network Mechanism supplier of an Innovative System for the knowledge economy. Our Innovative System is made up of three components which are technology, value theory, and models.

We provide a Three Pillar Strategy that Strengthens, Capitalizes and Innovates client countries as building blocks for the Knowledge Economy Trade.