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Products Overview

The Qaaba is the emergence of a spatiotemporal synthetic intelligence software technology that provides features and capabilities that are evolutionary compared to modern day OLAP and Cloud computing designs. The Qaaba technology has two software components: an Axiological Ontology Wizard (Wizard) for creating models called Axiological Resource Declarative Frameworks (ARDF) and an Inference Engine that animates the ARDF. This process makes for rapid deployment of any executive and administrative application under the sun. As a result, the Qaaba product can deliver customized knowledge-driven information systems in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the costs of modern day Rapid Application Development software producers.

Qaaba Inference Engine

Qaaba is a true Semantic PC & Web Inference Engine that combines innovations of Spatiotemporal Synthetic Intelligence together with smart query structures to enable interoperability of value reasoning on the machine level.

MicroApp Framework Wizard

The MicroApp Framework Wizard is the desktop software application used to create Governance and Business Models as the Axiological Resource Descriptive Frameworks (ARDF) and the Landscapes for the ARDFs. Qaaba allows for layering Axiological Resource Declarative Frameworks (ARDF) by Asymptotic Background Dissemination of values. Once the Declarative framework is in place locally, simply disseminate the framework to other knowledgebases for instantaneous or strategic convergence.

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